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Our Story


This is a story of passion for food, travel & a creative chef, that turned her wildest dream to a reality.

It all begins with the love of food (like every good story), a chef that loves to travel and finds inspiration in the least expected places...

"The journey & obsession for African flavors began in Cape Town, South Africa, its there and then that for the first time I said - out loud- one day I'll have a place like this"~ Amira Elhamy, co-founder of Bongoyo Restobar, "and while Bongoyo is nothing close to that village farm restaurant in Cape Town, it is truly a reflection of a dream that keeps evolving & getting better."

The dream was growing bigger and the partner that supports and empowers the vision started to see it happen too, and the trips to various cities in sub Sahara Africa on a journey to discover and try all these different flavors and ingredients that are underutilized in modern cuisine. "It was an easy decision to support a dream that is fueled by passion & creativity, I trusted the process and worked closely on building the team that now works tirelessly to get us to where we are"

~Mo Mursi Founder of Bongoyo Restobar.   

In this photo are our founding partners at Bongoyo Island, off the coast of Dar es salaam, Tanzania. 

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